FYLLO Tea Panna Cota

  • 100 ml full cream milk
  • 2 tsp (7 g) powdered gelatine
  • 500 ml double cream
  • 75 g sugar
  • 1 & 1⁄2 tbsp Fyllo tea powder
  1. Gradually mix the Fyllo tea powder with 2 tbsp of milk in a small bowl until smooth.
  2. Pour the remaining milk into a small heatproof bowl and sprinkle over gelatine.
  3. Set aside for 5mins.
  4. Then place the bowl over a saucepan of hot water and continuously stir until gelatine dissolves.
  5. Remove and leave to cool.
  6. Mix the cream and sugar in another saucepan and heat over low heat until almost boiling.
  7. Remove and pour into a jug.
  8. Whisk in the Fyllo tea powder and then followed by the cooled gelatine solution. Whisk until they are mixed well.
  9. Pour the mixture into dariole moulds.
  10. Transfer them into the refrigerator and refrigerate for 2 hours or more till set.
  11. To check if they are set or not, they should wobble like jelly when you move and that the center shouldn’t look like there’s still liquid.
  12. To remove from the moulds, dip the bases briefly for about 5 secs in hot water.
  13. Then gently invert onto serving plates and give short sharp shakes to loosen them.